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Fleas and ticks can make life very uncomfortable for your cat as well as kittens. As parasites, they feed on the blood of your pet, leaving bites which can be painful. Infected fleas and ticks can also pass dangerous diseases onto your cat during this feeding process.

Now with Seresto Collar you can protect your cat and kittens from fleas and ticks for up to 8 months.

A Seresto Collar by Bayer Animal Health starts working as soon as it is buckled around your cat’s neck. Seresto flea collar for cats, kill fleas, flea eggs, and ticks for up to 8 months without needing to be replaced. This cat flea infestation product is safe for cats and kittens 10 weeks of age and older.

It is effective at killing adult fleas and protects the cat’s immediate surroundings against flea larvae. Also, effective against larvae, nymphs and adult ticks.

It is not an average flea collar for cats. In fact, it has been developed using a novel blend of materials, which means it can release active ingredients in controlled, very low doses to prevent flea infestation in cats. It offers long lasting protection against flea and tick in pets up to 8 month protection.

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Cats (10 weeks of age or older)


  • Simple and easy-to-use Seresto Collar Cat
  • No need to remember monthly applications
  • Begins working immediately after the Seresto flea collar is applied
  • Kills fleas before they can lay eggs
  • Active ingredients imidacloprid and flumethrin provide dual action against fleas and ticks in pets for up to 8 months
  • Water-resistant and can work even if wet or dirty
  • Non-greasy, odorless and convenient to use
  • Safety release mechanism prevents strangulation if the flea collar for cat becomes caught or tangled
  • Safe if chewed on by your pet
  • It is safe for your pet, family and environment

How Seresto® works

The flea collar for cats has been developed based on a novel blend of materials, also referred to as a “polymer matrix”, and with highly recognized active ingredients: Flumethrin (4.5%) and Imidacloprid (10.0%).

How to apply Seresto Collar

  1. Remove flea collar for cats from tin and pouch.
  2. Detach plastic remnants from the collar.
  3. Put Seresto collar around pet’s neck, pushing one end through the loop.
  4. Tighten until two fingers fit between the collar and the animal’s neck.
  5. Excess collar length should be cut off.

Note: Don’t attach the flea collar for cats too loosely, to avoid that the collar can be pulled over pet’s head.

In growing kittens, additional collar length should be left to adjust as the kitten grows. The fit of the collar should be checked and adjusted regularly.

Seresto Collar is safe for your cat, your family and the environment.

Safe for Cat

This flea collar for cat is safe for your pet. It comes with double safety system and each product has been rigorously tested for its safety in use with cats. Its high safety margins even make it an excellent product for kittens 10 weeks of age and older.

A ratchet-release mechanism enables the Seresto flea collar to widen and a predetermined breaking point provides a second layer of protection.

In the unlikely event of a cat becoming trapped, its own strength is sufficient to trigger a quick release and free itself.

Safe for family

Seresto collar for cats uses active ingredients that are highly targeted at insects and parasites such as fleas and ticks in pets. These ingredients have a synergistic effect against insects (which means they boost each other’s efficacy) in in-vitro studies. Only very low doses are required for this flea collar for cats to be effective.

The active ingredients in this flea collar for cats are locked within the collar and released at very low doses, making this unique product safe for use around families and within the home. This has been confirmed through multiple safety studies.

Safe for environment

As the active ingredients are locked within its polymer matrix, this flea collar for cats is water-resistant and does not need to be removed before swimming or bathing. On treated animals, the active ingredients are stored within an oily layer on the skin and coat, limiting any release into water and ensuring it is safe for the environment.

As a precaution, however, waste materials should not enter water courses but should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.

Manufactured by: Bayer Animal Health

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