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How do pet medications get approved by FDA?

The FDA collects the drug information from the pharmaceutical companies and examines the safety and effectiveness of it. This is a collaborative effort between the manufacturer and the FDA. The manufacturer needs to apply for seeking the approval. Once the drug gets the FDA approval, the drug company can legally market and sell it.

How to order?

Order using our convenient Secure Shopping Cart OR Call toll free 1-800-314-6499 OR Complete Contact Form (Our pharmacy staff will contact you). Mail us your prescription OR Have your Veterinarian's office fax us your prescription at (713) 988-3227 OR We can transfer your prescription from another pharmacy. Please call us 7 days in advance to ensure continuity of therapy. We need your Prescription number, Pharmacy name, Pharmacy phone number.  

Mailing Address:
Aapex Pet Pharmacy
6065 Hillcroft St., #109
Houston, TX 77081
E-mail: contact@aapexpetpharmacy.com
Toll Free: (800) 314-6499
Telephone No.: (713) 270-7771
Fax: (713) 988-3227

Aapex Pet Pharmacy is licensed in which states?

Aapex Pet Pharmacy is licensed and can ship prescriptions to the following States:  
  1. TEXAS

Can I transfer my prescription(s) from another pharmacy?

Yes. You can transfer your prescription(s) from another pharmacy. Please click here

How to Re-order?

You can re-order by logging in to you account OR calling the pharmacy at 1-800-314-6499.

Do I need to provide my pet's medical information?

Knowing your pet’s veterinary records helps us in determining the right type of care and treatment your pet needs. We advise you to provide us the complete medical details of your pet (such as pet's medical issues, age, weight) to ensure we provide the appropriate prescription medications for your pet.

What is Aapex's shipping policy?

  • No minimum order
  • Free shipping on all orders over $50
  • All products delivered by Aapex delivery (local) or FEDEX or USPS priority mail (tracking available for commercial couriers)
  • Delivery typically within 2-3 working days

Do I need a prescription from my veterinarian? If so, how can I send it in?

Yes. Commercial and compounded medications do require prescription. OTC products are excluded. You can send the original prescription either via mail or fax.

What method of payment does Aapex accept?

We accept most major credit cards and debit cards for your convenience.

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