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Incontinence in Dogs: Everything Pet Owners Need to Know

by Aapex Pet Pharmacy | August 20, 2018 | Pet Diseases

If your dog pees on the floor, bed or sofa, you are most likely to feel disgusted. Obviously, no one likes. If this is something that you have been facing for quite some time, it’s high time. Action is wanted as your companion is in pain! Contact a veterinarian rather than administering any dog UTI medicine on your own.

If you own a pet, and love it from the core of your heart, then you should be acquainted with the common pet diseases.

Continue reading to learn what incontinence is, what causes incontinence, how to identify, what are the diagnostic or clinical methods available and, eventually, how to treat it correctly.

What is Incontinence in Dogs

Incontinence in dogs is quite common and the probability increases as your dog ages. However, young dogs too become a victim.  It’s a disease where your pet experiences either one or more of the problems.

  1. Urine leakage
  2. Frequent urination
  3. Painful urination
  4. Sudden, strong urges to urinate
  5. Starting a urine stream
  6. Emptying the bladder completely
  7. Recurrent urinary tract infections

How to diagnosis urinary infection in pets

What Causes Incontinence in Dogs

What causes urinary incontinence in dogs? There are many factors, including hormonal imbalance, weak bladder sphincter, urinary tract infection, urinary stones, spinal injury or degeneration (frequently seen in German shepherds), prostate disorders, congenital abnormalities and anatomic disorders to name a few. Side effects of some antibiotics for dogs can also lead to the problem.

Anatomical health problems like Ectopic ureters (EU), where the urethra opens in an area other than the normal position, also lead to urinary incontinence in dogs.

What Are the Common Symptoms of Incontinence in Dogs

Dogs suffering from incontinence disease frequently urinate, whether they are asleep or awaken. If it remains untreated for a few days or weeks, the hair of the genital area turns yellow or smells pungent. You can also observe scaling around the penis or vulva. Thus, it could lead to skin infection also.

You can notice the dog licking the genital area frequently, which causes the skin there to turn reddish. The bedding of the dog could be wet or smell foul.

The disease can herald a series of other health issues related to general weakness, lethargy and vitamin and mineral deficiency diseases. It turns fatal resulting into full blockage of urine or other consequences when left undiagnosed or untreated for prolonged.

How to treat UTI problems in dogs

What Diagnostic and Treatment Methods Are Available

After the physical examination and taking into considerations the symptoms and behavior of the dog, a vet might recommend the required medicines. If the situation demands different drugs that are not available in the market, the vet advises for compound drugs for dogs.

In case, the medicines don’t bring the desired result, a vet might advise for urodynamic testing to examine the urine storing or releasing capacity of the bladder, sphincters, and urethra. It analyzes the processes and stages involved at different points of the urinary tract.

If there are some mechanical obstructions in the tract, surgery could be the last recourse.

Note: This post shares general information about the pet disease and may not be specific to your pet. You should consult your veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

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