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Is it Really Difficult to give your pet a pill? Don’t Worry There are Options

by Aapex Pet Pharmacy | July 13, 2018 | Pet Medicines

Pills and capsules are the popular formats of pet medications. However, what if your dog or cat does not like to swallow the bitter pills?You could force them to take their medicine but that is not the ideal way. Some of them might get aggressive and might injure you. Above all, you might ruin your relationship with them.

No need to worry there are better options and tricks, which can help you, medicate your cats and dogs easily. Look at the list below and know tips and tricks for medicating your cats and dogs.

Pill Disguisers

There are varieties of ways and products that will help you hide pills and capsules.These tricks work well but totally depend on the pet’s personality and their food choices. Try different foods and see what your pet’s stomach is able to digest.

Like human beings, some pets are allergic to some food items. If you don’t know much about such foods, then experiment with some food items. Administer the medicine to your pet with its favorable food. This helps you get a better result of it.

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How to Give Medicine to a Pet

Liquids and Injections

Even with disguisers, some petsare just not ready to take pills. If your pooch or kitty is one out of them then letyour veterinarian know. He or she might give some useful tips or advise or may resort to liquids or injections.

Compounding Medications

If your pet is not ready to take medicines in any of the forms such as the pill, capsule, or injection then a reputable and licensed veterinary compounding pharmacy like Aapex Pet Pharmacy can help you as they make medications into a more palatable form, which pets really like to take. See below few examples of compounding formulations:

• Flavored chews
• Flavored liquid suspensions
• Smaller capsules
• Transdermal Gels

Compounding Medications for Pets
Give Medicines for Your Pets with Compounding Pharmacy Instructions

Though you love your pets and are worried about your pet’s health, still don’t force them to take medicines in the form they don’t like. Try giving them medicines in the palatable form which they will love eating.

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