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How to Save Money on Pet Medications?

by Aapex Pet Pharmacy | June 22, 2018 | Pet Medicines

Expense on medications has become an essential constituent of every household budget. For your healthcare needs, there are alternatives, like public hospitals and private insurances to compensate the cost. However, in case of pet care, the only option is to spend out of your pocket at some pharmacy for pets.

Concerned about the health of your pet and the rising cost of its pet medications? You are not alone.

According to AVMA, a leading advocacy platform for the veterinary professions in the US, comprising of 91,000 members, in the US, 36.5% of households own a dog, 30.4% own a cat, 3.1%, own a bird and 1.5%, own a horse. The annual expenditure per household by dog, cat, bird and horse owners on their pet’s medication is $378, $191, $33 and $ 373 respectively.

Here are the ways to save money on pet medications.

1. Compare Costs of Medication across Different Outlets

Once you have got a prescription written by a veterinarian, look for different sourcing options. Weigh down the pricing offered by both brick-and-mortar and online pet pharmacies before you zero in on a particular vendor.
When buying online, make sure the site is licensed and reputable. Fortunately, the online veterinary pharmacy business is well regulated nowadays. Look for the accreditation of Vet-VIPPS (Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) on a website while ordering the medicine.
Some third-party vendors like PharmacyChecker.com have made it easier for consumers to compare the drug prices from the reputed veterinary pharmacies. You may also get experts to answer your query online regarding the medication.

Veterinary Pet Medicines
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2. Compare Non-Cost Factors Too

Consider evaluating other non-cost factors like convenience, the authenticity of the medicine, compliance adherence, time spent shopping or waiting for delivery and the urgency of the medicine for your pet.
There is no rationale in savings, if the desired medication is not easily accessible, not genuine, or you can’t get it on time.

3. Create a First-Aid Box

Some OTC pet medications like the one for treating flea and tick or improving intestinal health, you may need more frequently. Create a list of those and order them from the vendor offering at the best price, and set up a first-aid box that comes handy whenever a need arises.

4. Consider a Subscription Service

Subscribing to online pharmacies like drugstore.com, amazon.com, aapexpetpharmacy.com, to name a few is a good way to receive alerts on medication discounts along with promotional coupon codes that can help you make considerable savings. Take note of the delivery costs, there are high chances that some vendors offer free delivery in certain areas. Some vendors often ask for the frequency of delivery. Specify it based on your requirements and stay worry-free from placing orders time and again for regular Rx pet medicines.

Compounding Medications for Pets
Compounding Pet Meds for your Dog & Cat

5. Find Free or Discounted Resources

You may also take medical assistance from state-run resources or non-profits like the Humane Society, Alley Cat Allies and Underdog Rescue offering free of cost or discounted veterinary services to pet owners in need. Some non-profits also provide shelter and protection to animals.

Need Pet Care?

If you need to visit a pet hospital, make sure that it’s accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Established in 1933, the association is the only accrediting body for pet animal hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. The accreditation is awarded to hospitals that successfully pass its evaluation parameters in delivering quality pet care. Nowadays, pet hospitals and doctors adopt more sophisticated approach for effective treatment. They often recommend compounded medications for pets. Compounded medications are custom medications processed based on unique pet care needs. Make sure your veterinary compounding pharmacy manufactures FDA-approved medications.

The Bottom Line

It’s not uncommon to see similar suggestions on reducing the veterinary bill. However, the best way to contain your pet medication expense is to adopt and practice preventive pet care measures. Give your pet the proper nutrition, adhere to the vaccination programme recommended by your veterinary expert, subject it to parasitic control and keep a watch on its health and behavior.

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