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Top Benefits of Compounding Medications for Pets

by Aapex Pet Pharmacy | April 09, 2018 | Compounding Medicines

The lack of availability of the exact dosage and the medicines has made the practice of compounded medications for pets a popular solution for veterinary experts and pet owners. Compounding medicines are the art and science of preparing medicines tailored to the individual’s needs as per the vet’s prescription. Usually, it involves mixing of different medicinal salts together in the right proportion in the right lab environment under the supervision of approved chemists.

Flavoured Medicines for Pet

Most of the medicines have an unpleasant taste and are difficult to take. This often makes medicines difficult to take as prescribed. Luckily, a compounding pharmacist can customize your prescribed medicines into easy-to-give flavoured dosage forms that pets devour.

Pet Meds in the Ideal Size and Strength

At times, based on certain acute symptoms or diagnostic report, vets are required to recommend medicines other than the ideal composition, size, and strength that is available in the market. Compounding medication remains the only option in such a scenario.

A reliable veterinary compounding pharmacy like Aapex Pet Pharmacy with trained veterinary experts and pharmacists can help you by formulating and producing the right medications as prescribed.

Allergy-Free Medications for Pet

Many ingredients such as flavorings, gluten, lactose and more in traditional medicines can cause an allergic reaction or sensitivity in some animals. In addition, some tablets have preservatives that may trigger an allergy. A compounding pharmacy for pets can create medicines without offending ingredients making it safer to eat and easy to absorb.

Making Available Unavailable Pet Medicines

The production of unprofitable and low in demand medicines is often discontinued by the manufacturers. Compounding pharmacist can create the individualized dosage forms that are superior to the discontinued formulation.

veterinary compounding pharmacist
Benefits of Compounding Medications for Your Pets

Custom Dosage Preparation

Pets vary in size and weight. Hence, the standard medicine may not be perfect for every pet. At times, the body of a pet doesn’t respond well to a medicine made of one or two ingredients. To use three or four medicines in one tablet becomes inconvenient for the manufacturers. Such situations are handled diligently by a reputed pet compounding pharmacy.

A veterinary compounding pharmacist compounds the needed medications into a single, easy-to-consume dose, eliminating the necessity of giving several tablets to your pet.

Our compounding pharmacy can formulate all simple to complex Rx medicines as directed by your vet and can help your pet recover fast from ailments and live a healthy and happy life.

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