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Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

Aapex Pet Pharmacy is a leading online veterinary compounding pharmacy based in Houston, TX. We are a reliable vet pharmacy for pets offering compounding medications and supplements for dogs, cats and horses. We have experienced compounding pharmacists to cope with your requirements regarding pet medications. Being an online veterinary pharmacy, we endeavour to make high quality pet compounding medicines available to veterinarians and pet owners at the comfort of their home or office and at a highly reasonable price. Here is what makes us the best pet pharmacy. Our pet med pharmacy is run by astute compound chemists having thorough understanding about pet health, diseases, symptoms and their effective medications.

We process all sorts of pet medications covering pet liver disease, skin infections, joint problems, fleas, lice and ticks, ear infections, dental problems, urinary tract infections, heart problem, heartworms, inflammation, digestion disease, bacterial infections, kidney disease, skin allergy, ear pain and thyroid disease, among others. Send the original prescription either via mail or fax. Aapex animal compounding pharmacy will be happy to serve you at its earliest.

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