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At Aapex Pet Pharmacy, we offer Rx, OTC (Over-the-counter), compounding medicines and pet nutritional foods for dogs, cats, and horses at reasonable rates. We care about your pet and are committed to quality products and timely delivery in California. Pet owners and veterinarians both can benefit from Aapex Pet Pharmacy.

We have drug analysts and production chemists with years of experience in creating compounding pet medications. Besides, we always rely on the top-rated pharmaceutical companies to procure high quality FDA-approved pet medicines including calming medicine for dogs, cats and horses, dog aggression medicine, sleeping pills for dogs, anti-anxiety meds for cats, dogs and horses.

Common Pet Diseases

Aapex Pet Pharmacy make available all prescribed and OTC medicines required for your pets. Common pet diseases include liver disease, skin infections, joint problems, fleas, lice and ticks, ear infections, dental problems, urinary tract infections, heart problem, heartworms, inflammation, digestion disease, bacterial infections, kidney disease, skin allergy, ear pain and thyroid disease, among others.

What Makes Our Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy Unique

  • Our chemists easily understand the drug requirements specified by your vet
  • Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with sophisticated and cutting edge technology to create standard compounding medications your pet needs
  • Raw materials sourced from trusted vendors after thorough testing of the quality
  • Superior quality compliance to ensure accuracy and avoid any contamination of pet medication
  •  Our infrastructure is calibrated and verified for quick response High-quality packaging materials retain the quality of enclosed drugs for a long time

Customer Service and Support

For Compounded Medications

We make it easier for you to order or collect pet medications in California. To order a compounding medication, simply fill up our Request Compounding Medication form on the right.

Alternatively, mail us your prescription OR Have your Veterinarian’s office fax us your prescription at (713) 988-3227. We can also transfer your prescription from another pharmacy. You can find answers to some of the queries regarding compounding medications on our FAQs page.

For Other Pet Drugs and Foods

To order other medicines or nutritional foods online in California, register with us. You can find answers to some of the queries regarding pet medications and how we work on our FAQs page.

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For any assistance, call us on 1-800-314-6499.  You can track the delivery status of your pet drugs or foods online.

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We would love to serve you and your customers with our compounded medications for pets. Register with us to know more.

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